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Long-Closed Art Deco Landmark in NYC Prepares for Residents

One of New York City's loveliest skyscrapers is also one of its most elusive: the Art Deco structure at 70 Pine Street has been in use as an office space since it was completed in 1932, but once Wall Street bigwigs AIG moved in in the 1970s, its lobby, once filled with shops, was closed off. Its period details—ornate Art Deco carvings, Native American-inspired motifs on the elevators, marble everywhere—were hidden from the public, though still beautiful enough to inspire the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission in 2011 to bestow landmark status upon both the interior and exterior. But it won't be shuttered for much longer: the skyscraper is in the midst of a residential conversion that will not only create 600 apartments, but will also open up that lobby for all to see.

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