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10 Dreamy Instagrams to Inspire Your Own Holiday Decor

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The holidays are nearly upon us! And that means Instagram is awash in festive, design-y holiday preparations: Ornaments, candelabras, garlands, wreaths, placemats, and more are all out in full force. Here are 10 gorgeous Instagrams—from professional interior designers and skilled amateurs alike—that'll get you jazzed about adding festive touches to your home this season.


Going for a vibrant but soothing color palette? Combine dark colors and earth-tones with a pop of gold or two?


Don't have a lot of room to get fancy with your decorations? We love the simple look of this unadorned green wreath with a simple blue ribbon.


Some more tablescaping inspiration…


How To Jazz Up Your Bathroom™ by talented towel guru @toddheimprojects : add one large Cloud vase.

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You don't need poinsettias or other traditional holiday-specific florals for a festive space. Run-of-the-mill eucalyptus branches do quite nicely.


Thanks to @compass for including this candleholder in their story on Brooklyn-based designers. : @ingallsphoto

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We love a good non-traditional candle holder.


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Succulent wreath, anyone?


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A photo posted by @finelittledaystore on

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