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Houses Have Hats: The Cerebral Side of Architecture

This week for Field Note Fridays Curbed Atlanta caught up with Jennifer Bonner, Associate AIA. Since beginning her architectural education at Auburn University 18 years ago, Bonner has worn many hats in the field, from researcher to designer to professor. Director of her own architecture firm, MALL — which stands for Mass Architectural Loopty Loops... or Miniature Angles & Little Lines... or Maximum Arches with Limited Liability — Bonner operates on the academic side of the profession, approaching design through calculated research (and a bit of quirk). Bonner lived in Atlanta, lecturing at Georgia Tech, for three years before defecting to Boston this fall to teach at Harvard's prestigious Graduate School of Design (GSD). Despite the relocation, Bonner is working on projects in Atlanta and has an affinity for the Big Peach. (You can take the girl out of Atlanta; you can't take Atlanta out of the girl). Check out her take on Atlanta's historic legacy, designing on the Beltline and the more academic side of architecture in this week's Field Note Fridays.

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