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A Day of Skiing for $149? Tracking This Winter's Most Expensive Lift Tickets

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Lift tickets aren't getting any cheaper lately, but it's becoming harder and harder to see just how expensive they really are. Ski areas are moving away from a set window price for the majority of the season towards a variable pricing model. Few have followed Vail Resorts in the full dynamic route, which is akin to shopping for a plane ticket, but many ski areas are pricing tickets on a greater range. It's not just Christmas week that sees sky high prices — it's seemingly random February weekends and other apparently in-demand dates. From what we can still gather about window ticket prices, Curbed Ski has put together a list of the most expensive lift tickets for the 2015-16 season.

Ticket prices for Vail Resorts mountains aren't included in the list below because the dynamic model means there is no standard window rate, but you can expect that the holiday rates at Vail would likely make this list. Mammoth Mountain also uses dynamic pricing and isn't included.

Most expensive lift tickets for 2015-16:
Steamboat Springs: $149*
Winter Park: $144*
Aspen Snowmass: $139
Copper Mountain: $132*
Jackson Hole: $130*
Whistler Blackcomb: $125
Deer Valley: $120
Stowe: $115
Sun Valley: $115
Telluride: $114
Crested Butte: $108
Big Sky: $106
Stratton: $105
Squaw Alpine: $100**

*The most expensive full day weekend price in the range
**Early season full-day pricing

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