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See Inside the Boeing 727 That an Oregon Man Turned Into His House

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Bruce Campbell (not that one) is a man who lives inside of a Boeing 727 in the woods in Oregon, as we have noted before. Recently, Great Big Story got inside the converted jet plane for an extensive tour, so now we get to see Campbell's shower in action as well as the bed, the desk where he spends most of his time, and more. In addition, he makes his case for more people living in retired airplanes. "Jet liners retire at a rate of about three per day," Campbell explains. "For the most part, I think, we shred them. And then we spin around 180 degrees and make a home after having just shredded an aerospace class home-sized structure. If you were an extraterrestrial looking down on this behavior you'd wonder if the species has all its marbles in place or not."
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