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Après Ski S1E6: On Thin Ice

Welcome to Après Ski, a new Bravo reality show set in Whistler Blackcomb. Each week, Curbed Ski will be recapping the highs, the lows, and all the ski-town drama. Have something to say? Send us an email.

In this week's episode of Après Ski, the Gibbons' team is dealing with another fight and more Elise-related drama. But while there are plenty of arguments (and maybe a shake- in staffing?), there are still clients to please and money to be made.

What should you do if you've had a big argument with your coworkers? Drink of course!

And that's good advice, because the next morning you have to face more awkward meetings like this one:

In this week's meeting, Kendra reveals that her grandmother just passed away. In classic reality-tv villain style, this is how Elise responds:

Meanwhile, Tamara conducts meetings with the staff to figure out who should stay and who should leave. Elise's son and aunt also come for a visit. He's adorable and proves that Elise's bad girl act might be exactly that.

But drama or not, there are still clients to manage. A celebrity blogger named Sonya is coming to Whistler with her friends. She wants to ski with an Olympian and go on a hot date. Both of those things happen, to varying degrees of success.

Meanwhile, there are more tense, awkward, dramatic meetings about the future of the Gibbons' Team.

During the meeting, Elise proves once again she is incredibly unprofessional and decides to attack Tamara. Pro tip: if you want to keep your job, don't attack your boss.

Then Elise goes and picks a fight with Kendra, who's on her way to her grandmother's funeral. Really, Elise? Is this just editing or are you really this mean?

Meanwhile, the concierges still have to find Sonya a date. Because that's not weird or anything.

While Sonya is on her date, Lynsey and Jim have their own cute little date.

And after more partying, Elise meets yet again with Tamara and apologizes for her rude behavior earlier in the episode.

So now the big question remains: will Elise be fired? We doubt it, since most of the show has centered around her drama.