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Prefab Gingerbread Bank in Philly Too Big to Fail, or Eat

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It's true: people forget about their banks during the holiday season, so from an ad agency point of view, it's probably best to paint banking client in a positive light in December, since they'll be hated once the bills come in January. Ad agency Deutsch, in true seasonal stunt marketing fashion, constructed a functioning PNC Bank branch in Philadelphia last weekend out of gingerbread. It took six months for Bredenbeck's Bakery to bake the 5,000 pounds of gingerbread need for construction, which took four days to assemble (even bread-based facades need weatherproofing). This, however, was progressive cookie construction; everything was preassembled in Brooklyn. No word if itty -itty baked security deposit boxes were also included in the final design. [Ad Week]