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Imagine a World Where Routers Are Not Ugly

Internet routers are one of those things that we all kind of take for granted as being a necessary aesthetic evil—they aren't nice to look at, but we tolerate them because we need them to look at our website and read posts like how ugly internet routers are. But now, Google has come up with a novel idea: What if routers weren't ugly? Hence, the OnHub router, which can be hidden under an attractive shell, and to show just how attractive those shells could be, Google commissioned 18 artists around the world to design them. One of them is an actual slinky, which is amazing, and is on sale for $450 at BROOK&LYN. Seems a little steep for a router shell, but on the other hand, you didn't know router shells were a thing before today, so maybe that's normal.
· Google Asks 18 Artists To Redesign The Router [Fast Co. Design]