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Trump Tower Residents Are Embarrassed by Building's Association with Trump

The Trump International Hotel & Tower is home to some of the city's wealthiest residents and is often listed as one of the greatest towers in Chicago, but many of the tower's residents are growing tired of the antics of the person who developed the supertall structure. Donald Trumps' presidential campaign has had no problems with getting media coverage, but the developer turned reality TV star turned GOP front runner's tirades against Mexicans, Chinese and now Muslims has earned the billionaire the ire of many throughout the country and around the world. Trump's most recent controversy — a call to bar Muslims from entering the country — has sparked a national discussion about constitutional rights and racism, and some Trump Tower residents are fed up with The Donald's brash rhetoric. Several Trump Tower residents interviewed by Tribune reporter Kim Janssen admit to omitting Trump's name when they are discussing where they live.

Some Trump Tower owners want Donald to keep his mouth shut >>