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Artist's Converted Warehouse Home Is Gorgeously Lived-In

Further proving that artists have the coolest homes, Aussie artist and teacher Susan Horacek's suburban Melbourne abode demonstrates shows how to make a converted warehouse look charming and lived-in, without defaulting to the convenient "industrial-chic" aesthetic. Just spotlighted over on The Design Files, the 1920-built structure originally served a jute sacking factory. When Horacek purchased the property years ago, it had already been partitioned into a series of dramatic spaces and an open-air courtyard; Horacek just had to paint a few walls and fill the courtyard with plants galore.

Below, a few more peeks into Horacek's home—watch out for a minty 1937 Metters Kooka gas stovetop and an attic wall covered in her own tapestry —and for the full tour and story, head to The Design Files.

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