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Money, Murder, and Mystery: One Afternoon Inside Beverly Hills's Beautifully Creepy Greystone Mansion

Greystone Mansion was paid for with oil. Its value endures because of a murder. The estate's original 429 acres, resting at the actual crown of Beverly Hills, were purchased by oil baron EL Doheny as a wedding gift to his only living child, Ned. In the late 1920s, EL Doheny, under scrutiny from Congress for his role in the infamous Teapot Dome scandal, blew off some steam by bankrolling the construction of the best 55-room mansion that $1,238,378.76 (in 1927) could buy. In September of 1928, when the new palace was near complete, and the US economy was near ruin, EL handed over its keys to Ned, his wife Lucy, and their five children.

The young Doheny family spent one Christmas under a large tree in the high-ceilinged living room of the Beverly Hills castle. Then, in February, Ned Doheny was slain in its guest room. The killer was allegedly his secretary, war brethren, and close confidant Hugh Plunkett. Immediately after shooting Doheny, Plunkett reportedly fired a lethal shot into his own head.

It's still grand and spooky today >>