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The Real Life House from Up Is on the Market

The Edith Macefield House in Seattle didn't actually inspire the Pixar movie Up—scriptwriting and production began four years before Macefield famously declined to sell her house to developers for $1 million—but her story fit the movie's narrative so well that Disney ended up tying balloons to the roof of her house as a promotional tie in. Macefield became something of a folk hero by refusing to relinquish her century-old farmhouse in 2006, forcing the developers to simply build around it. She died in 2008, and now the house has hit the open market. There's no asking price, and hopefully the historical aspect does it some favors because the very things that make it notable (i.e. that it's rundown and surrounded on three sides by a looming commercial monstrosity) might not make it very attractive to buyers.

· Edith Macefield House Officially Up on Open Market [Curbed Seattle]