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'Adults' in London are Visiting a Giant Ball Pit During Lunch

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Nap rooms have become de rigueur. Tech employees now use 19th-century log cabins as cafeterias. And if you're not meeting in a timber clubhouse, you might as well change jobs. Last month, one London creative agency upped the ante of workplace whimsy, and boldly went where no other company has gone before. Pearlfisher Studio filled a spare room with 81,000 white balls and began taking appointments. Their adult ballpit has now become one of the most popular attractions in London, with many visitors dropping in during their lunch breaks.

"People have been having energizing plays in the morning before work and on breaks, and we have also been holding meetings and brainstorms in the balls," Pearlfisher partner Karen Welman told Co.Exist. Although it is certainly a fun idea, it remains to be seen whether adult ballpits make sense for the workplace; as any parent who has attended a lot of fast food birthday parties can tell you, they are notoriously germy. Nonetheless, the "Jump In!" ballpit is fully booked for the next few weeks. Alas!

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