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Frescoed 74-Room Villa with Napoleonic History Asks $5.8M

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In June of 1800, French and Austrian forces clashed in a pivotal battle that ended up routing the Austrians from Italy. Napoleon Bonaparte, who had only seized power in France the year before, masterminded the assault from a gorgeous 74-room castle, Villa La Voglina, in Valenza, Italy. The French emperor chose well. The 13-bedroom property on 60 acres is a frescoed marvel designed by Baroque architect Filippo Juvarra, with ten reception rooms, two grand dining rooms, a private chapel, and formal gardens with cherry trees. The historically significant villa just hit the market for £3.8M ($5.79M).

The frescoed villa has a horseshoe layout with numerous entrances adorned with traditional Habsburg diagonal tiles, and no less than three black-and-white marble staircases. The listing notes that it comes with "woodland rich with truffles" and "a vineyard which, if restored, could produce around 100,000 bottles of wine per year."

Villa Voglina - Piemonte - Italy from Beauchamp Estates on Vimeo.

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