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Drew Barrymore's Husband Has a Pretty Intense Home Office

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Art consultant Will Kopelman, who is best known to the world as Drew Barrymore's husband, has invited Architectural Digest into his most sacred of spaces: the "private domain" he created for himself in their Los Angeles home, right off the master bedroom, which is "akin to an updated Edwardian smoking room or a stylish garçonnière." Apparently, Barrymore cried the first time she saw it, which is amazing.

"I wanted to create a space that is a completely unfiltered expression of my aesthetic," Kopelman tells AD. His combined office, bath, and dressing room (which took him three years to perfect) is entered by a very heavy-looking door upholstered in tufted suiting fabric. His desk faces two well-worn mocha leather chairs and an Ed Ruscha painting with the words "KILLER INSTINCT" on it, the personal significance of which Ruscha is more than happy to elucidate: "Will thinks and acts like a true gentleman, but, as his wife says, he has a killer instinct."

Probably the most head-turning piece is a full-size reproduction of John Singer Sargent's "El Jaleo." Opposite that are seven shelves worth of art books and artifacts, including a Campbell's soup can signed by Andy Warhol.

Kopelman's walk-in color-coded closet leads to the bath, which is covered in a brown marble that is so rich, it begs one to imagine "Mr. Barrymore or some other Tinseltown boulevardier taking a soak here while puffing on a Montecristo and fielding phone calls from cooing starlets and demanding producers." He calls it "my own personal bubble of peace."

Read the full writeup here.
—Alexa Carrasco

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