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This Empty Mall Overtaken by Snow is So Strange and Beautiful

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A fresh batch of photos from Ohio-based photojournalist Johnny Joo captures the well-documented "abandoned mall" phenomenon in a new and marvelous way. As seen in these shots, which Joo shared on his Facebook page last week, mother nature has turned Akron, Ohio's long-vacant Rolling Acres Mall into a sad but enchanting "winter wonderland," where escalators and all are now covered in a thick blanket of snow.

Once home to some 140 stores, the 1,300,000-square-foot mall shut down in 2008 and saw its last store close in 2013. As Joo writes, much of the building's glass ceiling has shattered, making way for recent snowfall to create this calming scene.

Check out more of Joo's work on abandoned structures on his website and in his upcoming book, Empty Spaces.

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