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Which Beach Cottage in the Dunes Would You Drop $3M On?

Imagine you have around $3,000,000 to spend on a beach cottage of your dreams (oh, just pretend) and you've narrowed it down to two listings. How do you make up your mind? Simply shove them into a virtual cage and let the Real Estate Deathmatch begin! Polls are open for 48 hours; we'll post the results on Thursday. May the odds be ever in your dune shack's favor.

This week, beachy three bedrooms from Chatham and Vineyard Haven face-off in a Real Estate Deathmatch on the dunes. The Cape Cod vs. Martha's Vineyard battle is pitting panoramic views of the Atlantic against a double dose of Vineyard Sound and Lake Tashmoo; cozy against vintage; and a renovated Cape against a rebuilt cottage.

Address: 43 Dune Drive, Chatham
Asking: $2,795,000
Size:3BR, 2BA in 2,000-sq.-ft.

Address: 607 Herring Creek Road, Vineyard Haven
Asking: $2,795,000
Size:3BR, 2BA in 1,294-sq.-ft.
The Skinny:This turnkey cottage is set on one waterfront acre. Here's how the listing sums up the beachy spread: "Snuggled among the dunes and fronting both the Sound and Lake Tashmoo, you have breathtaking views toward both the east & west. Where else in the world can you stand on dry land and watch both the sunrise and the sunset over the water from your own deck, catch bluefish & dig clams off your own beaches, and be soothed day and night by the sound of the sea!"
Poll results