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It's Always Fake-Sunny Under a High-Tech Faux Skylight

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These days, when people are sick of winter darkness, they turn to light therapy lamps or maybe a tropical vacation. These solutions are all old-school and basic, however, compared to CoeLux, a new technology that uses a wall-mounted "faux skylight" to deliver what might be the most realistic recreation of a sunlit sky yet. Developed under Professor Paolo Di Trapani of Italy's University of Insubria, CoeLux uses nanotechnology to scatter light from a sun-like LED light source, mimicking the Rayleigh scattering optical phenomenon that makes the sky appear blue. And these promo photos? The team behind CoeLux insists they're all "real and unretouched."

According to CoeLux's website, the validity of the technology has been confirmed by the European Commission, who also designated CoeLux as one of 12 "most technologically innovative" European projects at a convention last year. Lately, CoeLux has been on show at Ideaworks, a tech-focused interiors company in London. Ken Kessler from the Telegraph recently visited the installation and this is how he described the experience:

"It is not a sunlamp. You will not tan, and I doubt your photo-chromatic glasses will dim. But your brain will incontrovertibly believe that you are in a room in Portofino in August, or Miami in September."

The system can mimic three different lighting conditions: the warmer light of Nordic countries, the balanced light of the Mediterranean region, and the high-contrast lighting of the Tropics. Beyond adding some year-round pleasant rays to homes, CoeLux also hopes to transform lighting in all sorts of interior spaces, from shopping malls and hospitals to subways and parking garages. None of this magic will come cheap though. CoeLux currently costs about $61,000, plus up to $7,600 for installation.

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