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Some Mad, Enterprising Genius Designed an Upscale Ikea Bag

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A visit to IKEA is a source of great pleasure or great anguish, both made possible by the FRAKTA, that huge trash-bin blue tote bag. Though it's not much of a looker, it has a max load of 55 pounds (bigger and sturdier than your average tote) and has a lot of uses in the world beyond Ikea's shelves and showrooms. In a kind of surprising move, Copenhagen studio Herman Cph recognized that functionality and gave it a much appreciated redesign.

Designers at Herman Cph reinvented the IKEA bag to make it, well, kind of cute. The limited-edition bag is made of "furniture residual fabrics" by textile producer Kvadrat and has "full grain leather handles." It comes in two color combinations (blue and black or light blue and dark blue) and costs $125, so just $124.41 more than the IKEA version.
—Alexa Carrasco

·Herman Cph Redesign The IKEA Tote With Kvadrat Fabric [Selectism via Fast Company]