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This Year, Surprise Your Valentine with a $1K Piece of Newark

A SF apartment comes with a year of free uber rides, an Arizona ranch came with two Super Bowl tickets, and a man in Detroit offered to swap his home for an iPhone 6. In short, the state of America's real estate has dissolved into a Medieval bartering system and Newark wants in. Here's the deal: "In the spirit of St. Valentine's Day, we are doing a sale of city lots exclusively to COUPLES. Transforming non-tax producing city owned lots to occupied, tax producing properties with new homes built on them. We will be selling 100 lots at $1,000 a lot." Money can't buy you love, but apparently real estate can. If you're brave enough, read on for the stipulations.

Newark, mostly known for an airport and systemic blight, has had trouble proving itself as a livable city. "I know people have biases about Newark," said Ms. Brand, a Newark local "But these lots are usually $20,000. For $1,000, it's a steal."

A few things to note before yourself in standing in front of a vacant lot in Newark thinking "this is the beginning of the rest of our lives." Couples don't have to be married or of the same sex, but they must be in a committed relationship. The entire thing is first come, first serve, but tailgating is encouraged (by us). Houses must be built within 18 months. And, starting from when the certificate of occupancy is received, couples must live in the house for five years. In short, this is a commitment, so you need to come in with a game plan. Might we suggest hauling in an old Tudor?

Curbed fully endorses courtship-based urban renewal, so seriously? One tinder date is enough. You and a stranger might actually want to move to Newark, but you just don't know it yet. Just do it. And if you actually do it, please email us about it.

A map of the properties.

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