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Take a Video Tour of the 72-Room Converted Bank Where NYC's Luckiest Family Lived

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Photographer Jay Maisel purchased the 37,000-square-foot bank building at 190 Bowery for a mere $102K back in 1966. This being Manhattan, he sold it for $55M last year, in what was called "the greatest real estate coup of all time," and its likely fate is luxury condos. (Movers were spotted outside last week.) Aside from a 2008 feature in New York Magazine, we haven't seen much of the inside, where Maisel lived with his wife and daughter. Which is why this new video tour from Digital Destinations is such a godsend, for urbanites who want to fill out the contours of their jealousy.

View it and weep, ye square-footage-less perma-renters.

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