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Sliding Metal Panels Make for a Super-Adaptable Workspace

Porto-based LIKEarchitects have added another one to the budding cannon of transformable offices with the space they created for the Porto, Portugal headquarters of IT company Kinematix, designed to enable "multi-use scenarios." The idea seems to be: why have a play room or a gym where you work, when your entire workspace can become a playroom or a gym?

LIKEarchitects' "mobile walls" create can quickly convert a meeting room into a room for team scrums or lonesome coding. They're made of double-sided folded metal sheets covered in orange-and-red tape stripes, which LIKEarchitects tells us create "a kinetic and chromatic experience [which] generates different space perspectives and colorful reflections when the viewer moves throughout the space." Trippy! See what they mean below.
—Alexa Carrasco

·LIKEarchitects Makes Kinematix Office Adaptable With Sliding Garage Doors [Design Boom]