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Australian Critics Can't Decide Whether Gehry's New Building is a Fetus, an 'Arse,' or a Paper Bag

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Frank Gehry's first building in Australia, a flamboyant new wing for the University of Technology in Sydney, opened last week. After years of referring to the building's façade of 320,000 undulating beige bricks as a "crumpled-up paper bag," critics seem to have tired of this, and are now falling over themselves to compare the Seussian structure to animate objects, the more bizarre the better. The critic for the Guardian Australia ran her hands over the building's curves, and noted, "it feels like the slightly alien shapes a fetus makes on the protruding belly of an expectant mother– disconcerting but fascinating at the same time."
Luckily, Arch Daily has put together a round-up of some of the strangest criticisms. Elizabeth Farrelly at the Sydney Morning Herald recently declared that this "bad Gaudi" building proves Gehry to be "the Kim Kardashian of contemporary architecture: all curves, no content." She believes this building displays a rather prominent "arse," but unfortunately it's not a "good 'un."

Jackson Stiles, over at the New Daily, does not appear to see the "arse," but notes that it "has a face, possibly an armpit as well, and looks like it could give you a nice, warm hug if you let it." Clearly, he views the "bag of skin" building as somewhat cuddly.

Some people, however, have not gotten the memo that calling Gehry's Dr. Chau Chak wing a "paper bag" is now passé. At the opening ceremony last week, the Australian Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove claimed it was "the most beautiful squashed brown paper bag I've ever seen."

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