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Here's What the Snowpack Looks Like in the West Right Now

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California just got pounded with moisture this past weekend (although much of it was rain), so Curbed Ski decided to check in on the Western snowpack. Where do we stand as we enter mid-February? This colorful map of the current snowpack tells the story.

Unfortunately, the latest round of precipitation didn't do much to help the Tahoe snowpack (although it did raise the lake level). But if misery loves company, than Californians should take a look to the northern neighbors; things are looking bad for Oregon and eastern Washington. Idaho, Montana, and especially the Jackson Hole area of Wyoming have great numbers, while Colorado is a mixed bag after one of the driest Januarys on record. But the award for the most colorful state goes to Utah, where parts of the state are at 131% of normal while the southwestern region is at a mere 49%.

Keep those snow dances going friends. There's still plenty of skiing to be had this winter.

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