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Every Day is Dark and Angsty in Tiny Brick City

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For Città Minime, Italian photographer Matteo Mezzadri built and photographed a brick-based city in his own studio. His little urban landscape is kind of gloomy and abandoned; the streets are lined with puddles and trash, and the digitally inserted cloudy-sky backdrop is more than a bit overbearing.

Design Boom helps us out, here:

In looking at the series, the observer is plunged into the depths of the urban geography constructed by the artist. the interplay between light and shadow forms a surreal landscape, disturbing in its abandonment, rigidity and small signs of disrepair. in 'città minime', strangeness occurs with the addition of decaying trees, some lining the 'street' and others trapped and contained within glass capsules.

City life just takes and takes, doesn't it? Even when it's tiny and made of bricks.
—Alexa Carrasco

·Matteo Mezzadri Builds a Brick City From Urban Architectural Materials [Design Boom]