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Sink or Swim in Google's New Spa-Themed Office in Budapest

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Google's notoriously quirky approach to office design has taken an intensely aquatic turn in Budapest, Hungary. While the newly-completed interiors of the tech giant's Budapest outpost lacks, say, the strange orange groves or Smurf-blue carwash brushes found in some other global locations, local firm Graphasel Design Studio makes it up with a hard-core spa theme, inspired by some 500 springs found in the Hungarian capital.

The office's conference room, for example, has a vinyl floor with a sparkly pool effect, plus matching blue rolling chairs. And to weave in Hungary's strong water polo culture, the room also features printed wallpaper that appears to be blown-up photographs of a water polo match, along with a bunch of pink water polo balls hanging from the ceiling. Elsewhere, a meeting room is modeled after a hall in Hungary's famous Gellért Baths, a white-tiled sofa comes with its own pool ladder, and of course, a wood-lined sauna is already equipped with a computer.

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