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A Carbon-Positive Prefab Pops Up in Melbourne

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There are plenty of efficient prefab home designs out there, but this latest from ArchiBlox is reportedly Australia's first, and according to Dwell, the world's first carbon-positive prefab. Not only is it efficient, but it's also pretty cool looking.

Green Magazine points to several of the home's eco-friendly features: in-ground cooling tubes, a green roof, and "sliding edible garden walls" (otherwise known as planters). The visualization of these energy-saving features shows a berm wall at the back of the home, across from a facade of large, double-glazed windows with operable highlight windows above them, for "natural convection and circulation."

Architect Bill McCorkell of ArchiBlox told the Sydney Morning Herald the home regulates temperature like "a fridge, fully sealed." This wood-paneled, plant-covered fridge was installed in Melbourne's City Square early this week.
—Alexa Carrasco

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