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Remixing the Trippy Work of Britain's Prankster Architects

Over the last 20 years, British architecture collective FAT (that's Fashion Architecture Taste) has caused plenty of merry mischief with their provocative postmodern buildings that tout bright colors and cartoon-like forms. Though the group announced plans to disband a year ago, the three co-founders still stuck together to teach a design class at Yale School of Architecture last fall. For one assignment in the class, students were tasked with "critiquing" some of FAT's most essential works by drawing them in the style of other architects and artists, such as Zaha Hadid and Theo van Doesburg.

The first image below, for example, places FAT's Sint Lucas art academy building in the world of "The Pleasure of Architecture," a famous poster created by OMA's Alex Wall in 1983. The same student also reinterpreted Sint Lucas in the style of Piranesi, the 18th-century Italian artist known for his etchings of Rome. Abitare has the full set of student drawings here.

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