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Do Watch Your Step on This Loopy, Seussian 'Balcony'

Some days, the view from the office window inspires thoughts of pastoral escape. For the designers of Poland's Zalewski Architecture Group the view inspired something a bit different—a floating, grass-covered "Walk-On" balcony.

The pathway is suspended in the air outside the designers' third-floor office, latched onto the walls of the building and held up by cables. Zalewski wanted to find a way to "change a sad courtyard," and decided to keep the path narrow and winding to avoid blocking their neighbors from the sun.

At a mere 80 centimeters wide, the sheet (covered in moss) "mirrors the surroundings and blurs the edges of the path" for a "relaxing walk." The bottom is made of polished metal and looks even narrower from below, giving it a sort-of L.A. freeways effect, and adding some "whimsical fun to the courtyard."

·Think of Sunnier Days Ahead With This Floating "Walk-On" Balcony [Archinect]