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Behold the Most Spectacular Aerial Shots of Las Vegas Yet

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Vincent Laforet, the Pulitzer-winning photographer who recently shared some breathtaking aerial shots of New York City taken from 7,500 feet up in the air, has flown even higher to capture the desert city of Las Vegas. This new collection of photos, called "Sin City 10.8K," was taken at an unprecedented elevation of 10,800 feet, using cameras that only very recently gained the capacity to process this type of night-time aerial shot.

These photos present multiple incredible ways to see Vegas. Zoomed way out, the city is, in Laforet's words, "an 'Island of Light' in the middle of nothingness." Close-up shots of the rectilinear street grid makes the city look like a wired-up computer motherboard. "You can almost see the electricity running through it," he writes on the project website. Finally, the infamous Vegas strip is captured here with an exaggerated sense of allure.

Check out the full collection of photos, this way.

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