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Scrappy Architect Built Himself the Coziest Grain Silo Home

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Converted silo homes are nothing new—this prairie grain-bin dwelling is pretty incredible—but perhaps none so far has embraced the original structure's circular shape as seamlessly as this one in Phoenix, Arizona. Completely over the last two years, this converted 1955 grain silo home was carefully crafted by local architect Christoph Kaiser, who insisted on building a curved interior that feels like it was "born of the same mentality" as the curved shell. Kaiser now lives in the 340-square-foot house with his wife, and enjoys such unusual yet perfectly-suited amenities as curved cabinets and a sliding 9-foot-wide door.

Indeed, as Dwell explains, Kaiser designed almost everything in the interior, including the cabinets, dining table, sofa, and lamp for hanging pots and pans. Another special set-up: the spiral staircase leads to a lofted bed, which becomes a very low-key home theater when a digital projector brings up a movie on the opposite (presumably curved) wall.

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