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Step Inside Jayne Mansfield's Heart-Filled 'Pink Palace'

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What better to inspire love this coming Valentine's Day than a photo of the ever-subtle Jayne Mansfield soaking in her heart-shaped bathtub? Mansfield bought herself the 40-room Mediterranean-style mansion on Sunset Boulevard in 1957. Like some sort of spokesperson for Crayola, Mansfield was not shy about displaying her love for the color pink when she remodeled. In fact, the home Mansfield dubbed her "Pink Palace" is like a homage to that end of the color spectrum. Even a cursory look reveals she was also obsessed with hearts. Pink hearts.

Mansfield didn't leave space for neutral colors in her pink home. She was dedicated to bubblegum hues: pink walls, pink cupids with pink fluorescent lights, pink furry bathrooms, pink bathtubs, and even, yes, a fountain bursting with pink champagne. Brave subsequent owners included Ringo Starr, Cass Elliot of the Mamas and Papas, and Engelbert Humperdinck. Love as we knew it died when developers demolished the home in 2002.
—Alexa Carrasco

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