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This Studio Ghibli Theme Park is Too Good for Our World

The Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan, was brought to life by director Hayao Miyazaki himself, but Ghibli fans can't help but want more. Graphic artist Takumi wanted so much more, he dreamed up a detailed plan of a Studio Ghibli theme park called "Tokyo Ghibliland." It's pretty magical—not like, getting trapped in the bathhouse of the spirit world magical, but definitely something.

Inspired by the official map of Tokyo Disneyland, Takumi's Ghibliland is surrounded by crayon-green trees, and features intricate water ways complete with little bridges and boats. At the center of it all is the titular fortress from Howl's Moving Castle, which would probably be the most popular spot for touristy family photos.

Takumi included most of the hits. Accommodations can be found at Porco Rosso's Hotel Adriano or the Aburaya Bathhouse from Spirited Away. The aviation museum is well-stocked—hey, there's Jiro's birdplane from The Wind Rises. Zoom in more on the magic here.
—Alexa Carrasco

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