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Eero Saarinen's Love Letters to his Wife are Utterly Adorable

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As it turns out, famed modernist Eero Saarinen was also quite the romantic. Just look at this delightful series of love letters between Eero and his wife, Aline, sent between 1953 and 1958. Preserved by the Archives of American Art and unearthed by Knoll, the notes suggest Eero Saarinen was as masterful in charming his lady as he was in designing gems of midcentury architecture. In the left note pictured above, Eero enumerates 12 ways Aline has captured his heart and in the right, he quotes Goethe to express his enduring affections for her. Aline, putting in great effort herself, responds with a card featuring hand-cut paper hearts.

Their love story went something like this: as an editor and critic at The New York Times, Aline was sent to interview Eero about his newly completed General Motors Technical Center in Michigan (recently designated a National Historical Landmark.) She was charmed by Eero's 25-building design, which she once called "imaginative and big and wonderful", and before long, the man himself. They married within a year of that meeting, and recognizing a conflict of interest if she were to continue covering architecture, Aline quit the Times to work as a PR lady of sorts for Eero's firm. Below, a few more exchanges between the openly affectionate duo.

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