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Why Didn't Taylor Swift Write Cape Cod a Breakup Song?

Today is Taylor Swift Day across the Curbediverse as we celebrate the reigning queen of pop and her adventures in real estate and beyond. Why? Because 13 is her lucky number, and we heart her like a Valentine. Long live.

Remember when Taylor Swift dumped Cape Cod and didn't even bother to write us a breakup song? That's right, there was no Dear John for Hyannis Port. To refresh, The Story of Us goes Back to December (well, actually August 2012) when the Grammy Award-winning pop star was dating member of the Kennedy family, a then barely legal high school student by the name of Conor. At the time, neighbors within the renowned Kennedy Compound had been attempting to unload their home Forever & Always, at one point asking an absurd $13,500,000 for the 1920s classic on Nantucket Sound. Enchanted by finding A Place In This World, the SuperStar rode in on her White Horse and saved the day, purchasing the perpetually pricechopped property for $4,800,000.

If This Was a Movie, dropping millions on a house within sugar-borrowing distance of a new boyfriend's grandmother would cue an ominous soundtrack, but we won't be Mean, we'll just call the purchase Fearless. Alas, we know the ending of this romance All Too Well. Everything Has Changed and, after a Last Kiss in October, the New Romantics were no longer a Love Story. The singer-songwriter would have to Shake It Off and Begin Again, just like The Last Time. Thus, her 13-room Wonderland remained a Blank Space and was quickly sold for a Better Than Revenge $870K profit. While we get why she couldn't Stay Stay Stay on the Cape, not in our Wildest Dreams did we think she'd treat us like we're Invisible. But there's no Bad Blood. All we can say to Swift is Come Back...Be Here or We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Like, ever.
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