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Decoding Your Dreams About New York City Real Estate

Let's be honest: to live in New York City is to be predisposed to some kind of real estate anxiety. Whether it centers around a living situation, or a favorite book shop losing its lease, real estate is such an integral, and often stressful part of living in New York City that it even permeates our non-waking hours. "We have greater access to our memories and our unconscious while asleep and dreaming," psychoanalyst and dream specialist Anne Cutler told Curbed, "Therefore dreams often contain rich information about what's going on below the surface, including inner conflicts, issues and desires." Sure, New York City real estate can, for most, leave much to be desired, but how reactions to real estate manifest in dreams differs on a case-by-case basis. For some, Cutler says, a house can represent the self. For others, the appearance of a past dwelling can call to mind the origins of a recurring life conflict. We asked readers to submit their real estate-centric dreams for a decoding from Anne Cutler. Whether or not you've had a real estate dream before, this is worth checking out.

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