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Woman Crowns Herself Queen, Claims $4.7M Mansion

No, it's not just you: politely asking someone to vacate their home, declaring yourself queen, and then demanding their keys is not actually a legal way to procure a home. In fact, it's sort of rude. Queen Makieah Ali Bay (a.k.a. Lakresha Slaughter), who told investigators that her father told her to "Look into taking back the land that is rightfully hers," was apparently under the impression that all she needed to do was change her name, file a few documents and, voilà, after 10 days the County Sheriff would hand her the keys to the $4.7M home. Turns out this strategy isn't as effective as one would think.

America's so-called "sovereign citizens" have made quite a name for themselves by filing false legal documents in the name of made-up countries, abiding by their own interpretations of America's common law, and dismissing U.S. currency. The Southern Poverty Law Center estimates that there are a total of 100,000 in America, and the FBI designates most of them "domestic terrorists." Naturally, the majority are based in Florida.

· Woman Claiming To Be Sovereign Citizen Attempts To Take Possession Of $4.7 Million Dollar Mansion [Opposing Views]