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Perfunctory Crowdfunding Campaign Proposes Turning Ian Curtis' House into a Joy Division Museum

The former home of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis is for sale, and someone has launched an Indiegogo campaign to turn it into the Joy Division museum no one ever asked for. Campaign founder Zak Davies writes that, "rather than it be taken by developers or sold for development, we feel a place with such cultural significance with such an important man attached deserves to be made into a museum and somewhere that Joy Division fans from around the world can come to pay respects and learn about Ian Curtis." "Ah, shoot," said all the developers lining up to develop this rowhouse in Macclesfield, England.

Here's the proposed breakdown of the funds:

£115,000 on the purchase of the historic property
£30,000 on the renovation of the property to its original interior

£5,000 on any legal costs and just incase something goes wrongDespite that final line item, Davis is convinced "the council will definitely agree to the project if we can put forward enough evidence that it will help the local area which it will as Joy Division fans from around the world will bring the tourism to us." If he doesn't meet the target goal he says he'll be "donating all money to the Mind Charity to help other people with mental health problems." Curtis hung himself in the home in 1980. So far, the campaign has raised £634 ($974.70). If this were a single donation, it would be enough to quality to be considered a "Best Friend" of the museum. The unknown pleasure of cutting the ribbon costs £2,500.

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