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Samuel Eto'o's New Villa Comes with an Ancient Egyptian Curse

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Samuel Eto'o, a striker for English football club Everton and well-known maker of funny faces, has apparently never seen any movie about haunted houses or ancient curses. So, let's enlighten him about the property he just spent $28.4M on. It was 1901 and the British Lord Carnarvon had just injured himself in a motor car accident, which led his family to suggest both a change of hobby and scenery. The young lord decamped to Egypt, where he did a series of totally normal things; saw the sights, embraced khaki, excavated the tomb of Ancient Egyptian ruler Tutankhamun, explore its "cursed" inner chamber. This last item, the Daily Mail would have you believe, ruined his life and the life of anyone who ever stayed in his scenic Italian villa.

The curse on the property can more accurately be described a sub-curse of a more powerful one that goes something like this: eight people present during the tomb's excavation died within the next dozen years. (Howard Carter, who led the team, was entirely skeptical of attributing their deaths to supernatural causes, but he did record in his dairy in his diary a "'strange' account in May 1926, when he saw jackals of the same type as Anubis, the guardian of the dead, for the first time in over thirty-five years of working in the desert.") Lord Carnarvon was the first to drop, after getting blood poisoning from an infected mosquito bite.

Lord Carnarvon's nephew, who didn't come on the trip, but later tripped down the stairs in the villa? Dead. Countess Francesca Vacca Agusta, the former Gucci model who bought the home in 2001 and was just "going out for a swim?" Her body was found washed up on the shores of Saint-Tropez and rumors of murder circulated widely. As far as architectural curses go, this one at the very least has the bodies to support it.

Mr. Eto'o, lured by the siren's song of 30 rooms and a heliport, remains nonplussed. One real estate agent told Express that "he knows the history, everyone around here knows the history." We can semi-confidently assert that reading this blog post about the property will not transmit upon you a sub-sub-curse.

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