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Nab a Late-Career Work by a Palm Springs Modernist for $1.6M

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Location: Palm Springs, California
Price: $1,585,000
In honor of Palm Springs Modernism Week—which kicked off last Thursday, and this year features a tour of the area's first "Desert Eichler"—here's a 2007 home by architect Donald Wexler, the "last living dean of Palm Springs' Mid-Century Modern architectural movement." Built in 2007 and recently put on the market, this L-shaped three-bedroom is claimed to be his "last steel-framed residential commission," echoeoing "his classic steel houses of the 60s that remain in high demand to this day."

The home has floors of poured terrazzo, walls of glass, clerestory windows under beamed overhangs, and, as a little bonus not evidenced in the photos, 24 rooftop solar panels. Wrapped around "an expansive pool yard with broad, uninterrupted mountain views," this contemporary take on iconic Palm Springs residential form is being offered at $1,585,000.

1234 East Verbana [Windermere Real Estate]