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Tiny Paper Sculptures Document Philly's Decaying Buildings

When Philadelphia-based artist Drew Leshko bikes past a particularly fascinating building in his neighborhood, he doesn't make it the subject of a painting or photo shoot. Instead, Leshko goes home and embarks on a painstaking process of recreating the building's façade in paper and wood, working from a mix of observation, photographs, and Google Street View. Crafted in the standard dollhouse spec of 1:12 scale, these hyper-detailed sculptures specifically highlight establishments that are in a transitional period, either those that have been sitting in decay for years or those that Leshko predicts won't be around for much longer.

To build these three-dimensional façades, which are currently on show at the Painted Bride Art Center, Leshko carves, cuts, and layers together various types of paper and wood. And by including details like pallets, cable cords, and rust, he hopes to prompt viewers to think about the changes that happen to a building in transition and ultimately, to question what's worth preserving.

See more of Drew Leshko's work on his website or on his page at Paradigm Gallery.

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