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Vanilla Ice Adds 'Stealing Shit' to His Home-Flipping Toolset

In case you don't have a google alert set up for Vanilla Ice, you may have missed a few things; he briefly went Amish, in some kind of reverse rumspringa; he has a home renovation TV show called The Vanilla Ice Project; and he still thinks this kind of facial hair is acceptable. It's as if Robert Matthew Van Winkle wakes up each morning, opens his curtains, and thinks, "How can I make this whole thing a little weirder?" This time he made it a little weirder by burglarizing a vacant house across the street from a Florida home he was in the midst of renovating.

So what was on Ice's wish list? Furniture, a pool heater, bicycles, and what TMZ has termed "other stuff." The cops, who had a search warrant, may have caught him this time, but Winkle says his night in the Palm Beach County Jail was "blown out of proportion." No word on whether the DIY Network wants to continue producing Season 5 of the Ice Project, but they could probably just find another d-list celebrity to become the poster boy for America's post-recession obsession with "flipping."

Hope he didn't steal anything from the Amish.

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