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The Wall Street Journal's 'Design Aphrodisiacs,' Ranked

Last week, for the inevitable Valentine's Day-inspired post, The Wall Street Journal enlisted five designers to share some of their favorite "romantic rooms," along with the "design aphrodisiacs" they used in each. Below are all of those supposedly passion-inspiring decor features, ranked by how much they beggar belief.

24. "Polished concrete floors"

23. "Antique English mahogany sideboard"

22. "A Tommi Parzinger dining table from 1950s"

21. "Recessed cubby for stacking towels"

20. "19th-century Biedermeier love seat"

19. "Two-person Amor tub"

18. "Lounge chairs designed by Michael Graves"

17. "A marbleized wooden mantle"

16. "Walls slathered in alternating strips of rough and shiny plaster"

15. "A matching pair of 19th-century Biedermeier chests, plus two fruitwood Biedermeier chairs"

14. "Dialogica sofas covered in shimmery Etamine fabric"

13. "Hand-mixed painted and glazed walls in alternating stripes"

12. "Hand-painted Chinoiserie details on the walls"

11. "White lacquered linen pedestals"

10. "Custom-lacquered, high-gloss deep-gray walls"

9. "Pewter silver-leaf tea paper from Donghia"

8. "Bed with crocodile-patterned, embossed calfskin"

7. "Drapes in an amethyst pattern on white linen from a period midcentury print"

6. "Curtains with a subtle cellophane Lurex thread that shines"

5. "An old Moroccan door used as a coffee table on a steel form"

4. "Saddle seat, button-tufted upholstered side chairs, covered in citron-colored horsehair"

3. "Deep terra-cotta fireplace, brushed with nine coats of paint"

2. "Peach-colored mirror that reflects and refracts the walls"

1. "Moroccan wooden chairs hand painted by the client's mother"

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