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Get Paid $5,000 to Turn This Old Skyway into a Modernist Home

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Here's an unusual real estate opportunity: over in Minneapolis, local architecture firm CityDeskStudio is offering $5,000 to anyone willing to haul away this 280,000-pound steel skyway. Designed by architect Ed Baker, who's credited with designing the city's first skyway system, the structure once ferried Minneapolis shoppers from a J.C. Penney to a now-shuttered Powers department store. But when Powers was demolished over a decade ago, the structure became a "skyway to nowhere." It was then purchased by the University of Minneapolis for $1 in 2002, and then by CityDeskStudio for $5,000 at an auction in 2006. Now, after years of unsuccessful attempts to sell the skyway on Craigslist, CityDeskStudio just wants to find someone to put it to good use again.

Though no one has stepped up to the challenge so far, CityDeskStudio co-founder Bob Ganser told the Star Tribune that they've fielded a number of "exciting" proposals, including plans to convert the skyway into a rental retreat, a nonprofit career-training center, a rooftop artist loft, plus a couple of sillier ideas like a "night club on wheels" or a "sweet-ass mobile deer stand." The firm itself has also drawn up renderings (↓) of what the 1,380-square-foot structure might look like as a Lake Superior retreat.

With its rectangular shape and glassy façade, the skyway already possesses a few degrees of resemblance to Philip Johnson's iconic Glass House. So it's not hard to imagine that this urban relic (currently sitting on land leased by CityDeskStudio) can transform into a striking modern home—that is, if some enterprising folk is interested in shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to move it first.

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