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Bostonians Cope With Epic Snowfall by Digging a Fire Pit

While skiers are thrilled that the East Coast is winning winter, urbanites in Boston are frankly sick of it all. But despite the 8 feet of snow that has dampened the City on the Hill's affinity for winter, a few intrepid Bostonians decided to make the best of things. Cue the snow pit. Imgur user WeAreNotRealWeAreJaden and some friends broke out the shovels (let's face it, they were probably already out), and built a snow lounge that would make any Canadian proud. They even managed to add a fire element to keep things cozy. The photo caption: "Day 57: Us Bostonians have accepted our fate as canadians [sic]. We already play hockey, drink beer&whiskey [sic], have healthcare, and an affinity for maple syrup. Now to just be nicer, and grow more beards." Well done, cold-weather friends, well done.
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