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Twitter Employees Dine in 19th-Century Cabins from Montana

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Last year Twitter purchased two nineteenth-century log cabins to install in the second cafeteria of its San Francisco headquarters. As part of a larger expansion to the office undertaken with Interior Architects, architect Olle Lundberg divided the 7,000-square-foot space into multiple rooms. As many do in times of trouble, he took to Craigslist, where he scored two log cabins from Montana.

Lundberg sought out the cabins because, as he told Co.Design, he found that Twitter employees "had this kind of visceral connection to nature and to the forest." (This is well-documented in the modern office.) Once inside and set up properly (after being fumigated, fire-treated, and bolted down), logs were spotlit from above to show off axe marks left by the original craftsmen.

The effect takes the dining area back to nature, and the exposed-wood aesthetic fits nicely with other refurbished furniture pieces throughout the office, including a reception desk made out of Douglas fir scraps salvaged from an old bowling alley. Tour the rest of Twitter's new space below, including the much larger main cafeteria:

—Kara King · How Twitter Brought 19th-Century Log Cabins To Downtown San Francisco [Co>Design]