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The Home from 'Paranormal Activity' Sold in a Hot Second

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The San Diego home from Paranormal Activity was listed with Coldwell Banker on January 21, but it didn't stay that way for long. The sale history on Zillow shows that the listing was taken down just eight days later. Given what looks like a quick turnaround, it probably went for the full asking price of $749K, if it did indeed sell. In which case, congrats to the new owners on your demon house!

Aside from being the one of the best found-footage horror films ever (let's all forget the sequels ever happened), Paranormal Activity stood out because the dread was so directly centered on a very average American home. Covering a really extroverted demon's attempts to reach out to a young couple, it was genuinely scarier to watch at home, and having your significant other with you might have made it even scarier.

Scan the listing photos below, and note that the bed is oriented differently than in it was in the film, affording a greater distance between it and the hallway door.

· 'Paranormal Activity' house up for sale [Fox 5]