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A Closer Look at Alexander Wang's New Furniture Line

As promised, "street" and "chic" have met and made nice with the debut of a three-piece furniture collaboration between gothy fashion designer Alexander Wang and Italian label Poltrona Frau. This much-hyped collection is now on view at the Alexander Wang Flagship Store at 103 Grand Street in NYC, and more importantly, for our purposes, some detailed images of the pieces recently surfaced. Time to take a closer look.

The pairing matches Wang's swagged-out Mad Max aesthetic with Frau's legacy of quality leather craftsmanship. Ahead, all-black beanbag-style chairs and a trunk bar fit for at the very least a mid-level duke, each with brass accents shining through all that black.

This $8,800 adult beanbag chair sports leather upholstery and brass footing. It looks perfect for slouching back in your all-black jogging ensemble and kicking those sporty Nikes into the air.

Like the leather version, the velvet one has a nine-sided base. Edgy!

Closed, the $18,500 trunk bar is reminiscent of a slim little black dress with a zipper running down the back. Inside, curvy brass shelves are there for only your most serious liquors.

—Kara King

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