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Finally, Cardboard Furniture That Doesn't Look Like Cardboard

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With a stark white finish, these cardboard furniture pieces from Cardboard, a new Madrid-based furniture company, instantly jump out from the slew of recent cardboard designs that still look a bit too much like cardboard. Freshly spotlighted over on Co.Design, Cardboard's line uses Re-board and D-board, two lightweight and rigid types of cardboard. The flatpack designs also feature laminated whiteboard surfaces, which means they're water resistant and easy to clean.

Though all the promo images show pieces with white surfaces, the outer layer of all the pieces can actually be customized through digital printing. And though it's all made of cardboard, the line doesn't come cheap. A single modular shelving unit comes in at around $30, and the most expensive product in stock currently is a $160 geometric room divider. Other highlights include a two-piece cardboard study table and a multipurpose hexagonal stool.

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