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This Year's Oscar's Greenroom is Meant to Feel Like Having a Drink at Joan Didion's House

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Just ahead of Sunday's Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, Architectural Digest, the longstanding sponsor of the Oscar greenroom, has unveiled the space that'll be greeting show presenters and winners backstage. This year's greenroom was born of a collaboration between L.A.-based design studio Commune and Oscar-nominated actress Julianne Moore, who once also flexed her interior design muscles for a Manhattan loft featured in Elle Decor. As promised by a rendering released last month, the space is awash in earthy tones, and features several nods to midcentury design.

Arch Digest says the greenroom includes custom-made doors inspired by the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright. And referencing the picture windows often found in midcentury homes, the space opens out to its own giant "picture window" composed of 16 LED screens that "stream a sweeping view of L.A. from atop the Hollywood Hills."

Why all this midcentury love? As Roman Alonso, a partner at Commune, tells USA Today, the narrative they came up with to guide the design was this: imagine that famous novelist and screenwriter Joan Didion "invited you over for a drink before the Oscars" at her mid-20th century Hollywood Hills home. In other words, a place that's both glamorous and comfortable. Head over to Arch Digest for all the details on the furnishings.

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